Daisy shah’s come back with ‘Ram Ratan’ on silver screen after the long break!

Vivek Arora:

Indian Bollywood romantic comedy film, written by Praful Parekh and directed by Govind Sakariya and produced by Sanjay Patel, Ashwin Patel, and Bharat Dodiya, under the banner of Sab Star Movies. Rishi Bhutani and Daisy Shah will be seen playing lead roles in the film. The film is a romance with a pinch of comedy and thrill. The film also stars Mahesh Thakur, Sudha Chandran, Rajpal Yadav, Sumit Vats, Prashant Rajput, Kangna Sharma & Satish Kaushik along with the leads.


While press conference held in a Cafe HotMess Kitchen at CP, New Delhi  Rishi on being asked about his character in the film said, “I am doing the role of a playboy so I think many boys will connect with the character because I think normally everyone flirts but all wives will also connect very much because the movie is about how a wife try and bring the husband on track.” Daisy on being asked about the uniqueness in the film said, “The character and script are very different. I am playing the role of a wife and message that we tried to disseminate from this film was that every family have problems but the wife in this film do not make a mess out of it and do not involve other family members in the chaos and makes a plan to get back her husband that backfires. So, the wife is of today’s era who tries to deal with the problems and come up with her own way to tackle it with a solution.”

On being asked about the main element of the film Daisy said, “The songs are really good because Bappi Da has given the music so they are very peppy and no one can get bored with the music of this film. Moreover, it is a rom-com and a very safe subject, one don’t need to put much brain because it is not at all complicated. It’s a fun ride.” On being asked about taking permission from Salman Khan for the movie Daizy said, “I do not take the permission but advice from him. He has been in the industry for a long time so he has a lot of knowledge of the movies and the subjects that will work. So, I just take the advice nothing else.”

The film also has the presence of Vijay Bhardwaj who is one of the sponsors and have played a short role in the film. He was also excited for the film and totally supported the promotions. “Sab Star Movies” maiden film “RAMRATAN” is releasing on 3rd November 2017 worldwide.

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